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Today’s HR professionals are responsible for a broad, comprehensive people strategy. The online HR solutions that you have relied on for years to support your strategy—the technology platforms, tools, and assets—are aging, and may not be up to the level of innovation that will be expected by your leaders. 

Going forward, your vision involves big ideas such as global HR delivery, integrated talent management, leadership development, and enterprise knowledge management. What best practices are required to meet your goals, expand your influence and ensure that HR offers highly relevant, influential tools that are aligned to the enterprise’s strategy, values and initiatives? How do other visionary HR leaders envision an online HR ecosystem that continues to evolve, providing the foundation for more impactful HR support to business strategies, imperatives and initiatives?

Learn how to bring order out of chaos; read about people strategy and the HR ecosystem in this article written by Mimi Brooks, CEO of LDS, which appeared in the February/March 2012 issue of Workforce Solutions Review, official journal of IHRIM, International Association for Human Resource Information Management.

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