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The Evolution of the Online Business Ecosystem is a concept that LDS has used for almost a decade to describe today’s online enterprise environment—and tomorrow’s next generation business solutions.

evolution of the online business ecosystem posterThe concept itself has evolved over time, yet the basic idea remains the same: to identify the trajectory of the technological, business and social changes that mark today’s online business ecosystem and then determine, with some assurance, the next generation business solutions. The first generation portals—Access, Information, and Action—were driven by technological advances that enabled new online functions. The next generation business solutions—Enterprise Global Solutions, Business Performance Enablers, and Sustainable Enterprise Ecologies—are interconnected with and driven by the dynamics of the business ecosystem.


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This idea of portal evolution inevitably sparks conversation; everyone has an opinion about where their company fits into this continuum. In addition, it encourages reflection about how their online business ecosystem needs to perform.

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