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LDS to present with Paramount at ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 Conference in NYC

On May 11th, Logical Design Solutions (LDS) SVP of Architecture, Eric Dalessio will co-present, “Building a transformational ‘Workforce of One’ vision at Paramount,” at the 2022 ServiceNow Knowledge Conference in New York City.

Dalessio will be joined by Stuart Winchester, VP of Portal Experience at Paramount, to discuss how Paramount designed and built a global employee experience to support their “Workforce of One” vision.

This dynamic presentation will detail Paramount initiatives to experiment, innovate, and incubate new employment strategies to anticipate the changing needs of its workforce. Alignment between business transformation strategy and the successful design and implementation of a new operating model is a crucial, yet often elusive, line of sight needed for every great Employee Experience (EEx). Strategy designs the new operating model and digital-first ways of working — creating the “why and must-have what’s” for EEx design to successfully flow. Featuring a real-world case study and live demo on how the digital strategy developed by LDS led Paramount to a consumer-grade intranet built on ServiceNow that was true to their brand and distilled the company’s digital evolution and momentum to its 23,000 global employees.

Speaker Bios:

Eric Dalessio
SVP, Architecture
Logical Design Solutions

Eric is a senior strategic digital solutions architect with over 20 years of experience specializing in innovative, often disruptive, trends in the digital world. A member of the LDS team since 1999, Eric currently leads the Solutions Management practice. He leads many of LDS’ most important relationships and engagements with Fortune 500 clients, helping them to realize their goals through the innovative mobile and digital solutions LDS envisions, designs, and delivers. In addition to his leadership role, Eric has served as the lead digital architect on various LDS engagements while also serving as a primary LDS researcher and facilitator on relevant innovative technologies.

Stuart Winchester
VP, Portal Experience

Winchester has been leading intranet experience for Viacom/ViacomCBS/Paramount since 2014. Prior to joining Viacom, he spent five years on the internal communications team at the National Basketball Association. He is also the founder, editor, and host of The Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast. Winchester attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the University of Michigan.

About ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 Conference

Explore new ideas, expand your knowledge, and engage with experts who’ll help accelerate your digital transformation journey. ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 is designed for customers and partners that run or support the Now platform. Key use cases include IT service management (ITSM), security operations, workflow automation across HR and finance and more. In addition to end-customers, ServiceNow Knowledge typically attracts software partners and managed IT service providers (MSPs).

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