About Us

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Who we are

We are a digital strategy consultancy for enterprise organizational transformation.

For over 25 years, LDS has helped market leaders realize their most important business and people strategies through technological innovation.

Our expertise is inside the enterprise. Our purpose is to help large organizations operationalize their digital transformation for every employee. Our work is focused on the win-win outcome – where business performance is elevated, and where people feel valued and empowered in their work.

Clients come to LDS because of our reputation for intellectual rigor, our foundation in visionary experience strategy, and our commitment to enabling digital transformation for businesses.

What we do

We create experiences that transform business and help people succeed in the new digital organization.

Our solutions harmonize, humanize, and create a working nexus for business assets and ecosystems, maximizing technology investments and realizing new value. They differentiate organizations by enabling new ways of working, connecting, and conducting business.

Our solutions can take the form of apps, properties, portals, or service delivery platforms, which factor contexts of use as well as the nature and form of the information being mobilized. As the universe of technologies continues to expand, we harness new digital with strategic focus to address the unique challenges and opportunities of each client.

  • Digital strategy and roadmaps
  • Business and organizational design
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Experience strategy and design
  • Constituent research and work analysis
  • Digital-first architecture and ecosystem design
  • Social and engagement strategies
  • Content strategy and design
  • Search design
  • Cognitive computing strategy and design
  • Technology architecture and solution design
  • Governance and adoption management

How We Work

Our unique focus is on digital experience strategy and design.

Digital strategies can focus too much on digital enablers. When this happens, they miss unique contexts of value, ways of working implicit in digital ecosystems, and organizational changes needed to succeed. As a best-of-breed management consultancy, our specialty is helping clients strategize for new work, cultural change, and the experiences needed to support them – mitigating the risk of building digital spines without the organizational “soft tissue” that would leverage their potential.

Often, we collaborate with other consultancies. While they may be working on business strategy, technology digital strategy, or digital systems implementation, we evolve the digital operating model and define the employee experience strategy.

What Makes Us Different

Our Methodology

We apply expertise with purpose, empathy, and imagination to realize an organization's potential.

DISCOVERYSOLUTIONDEFINITIONDIGITALSTRATEGYBUSINESS &EXPERIENCE DESIGN010203Strategic ContextsBusiness Practices & Work AnalysisPeople &EnvironmentalFactors010203Concept Iteration & ModelingConstituent Research & TestingCollaborative Business Design0102030405Experience Goals & OutcomesDesign Maps & VisualizationsFoundational ConsiderationsBusiness ImpactsRoadmap01020304New OrganIzational CapabilitiesNew Work DesignHuman-Machine Interface DesignDesign Frameworks & Prototypes

Our methodology balances visionary experience strategy with a strong foundation in organizational transformation. We take a strategic approach to every engagement, informed by best practices and realized through focused discovery and collaboration with stakeholders across businesses. Grounded in a nuanced understanding of the business, operational, and knowledge plans of the organization and with a clear understanding of the digital ecosystem, our work takes a holistic view. We factor organizational readiness, risk, and sustainability into a near- and long-term road map for solution realization, optimizing and then transforming the digital experience over time.

Our Capabilities

The cross-disciplinary collaboration that powers our project teams is fueled by the expertise of our studios and realized by our client services and delivery capabilities. As a complement to the uniqueness of every LDS engagement, our studios convene like-minded experts to advance our practices, promote new ideas, and drive innovation.

Business strategy & design

Experience strategy & design

Architecture strategy & design

Client services & project delivery