Our consultants are engaged, empowered, and collaborative. These qualities are the foundation of our design-centric culture.

What Defines Us

We're a diverse group of like-minded individuals. We care deeply about our roles as trusted advisors to clients, with the aim of transforming how some of the world's largest organizations work, learn, and do business. We believe that advancing the capabilities of design is central to this undertaking.

Our work spans industries and government, environments, geographies, and ways of working, yet some concepts hold true across them all:

Shared Behaviors

Across all the work we do, shared behaviors amplify our impact as creative contributors.

Participation & Active Engagement

Sharing insights and asking discerning questions helps support collective thinking.

Critical Thinking & Ideation

Relying on critical thinking binds all of our teams, gives traceability to our ideas, and gives us the freedom and context for innovation.

Solutions-Oriented Teamwork

Efficiently collaborating and coordinating our individual contributions to make decisions and balance all factors for optimal outcomes.

Commitment to Elegant Solutions

Shaping the solution with care and commitment to ensure it doesn’t just fit its environment, it transforms it.

Client Empathy & Insight

Seeing the magnitude of what needs to be considered, the areas of the most risk and pain, and the opportunities possible.

Our Capabilities

The cross-disciplinary collaboration that powers our project teams is fueled by the expertise of our studios and realized by our client services and delivery capabilities. As a compliment to the uniqueness of every LDS engagement, our studios convene like-minded experts to advance our practices, promote new ideas, and drive innovation.

It's this collegiality and intellectual engagement that draws new talent to LDS.

Business strategy & design

Business Strategy & Design

We establish and represent the business contexts and solution requirements of our clients' online experience. Our approach begins with assessing a client's business strategy, goals and priorities, and progresses to a deep understanding of its business and operational design. This subsequently informs program and change management requirements for the online solution and may influence the business model itself.

We work hand-in-hand with LDS designers, content strategists, and architects to realize the full solution design. We also collaborate with our clients to determine the tradeoffs and commitments needed to launch and evolve a high-impact experience and to ensure the solution realizes expected business value.

Opportunities in Business Strategy & Design

Thoughtful and intellectually curious individuals thrive here.
- Julia D
Experience strategy & design

Experience strategy & design

The Experience Strategy & Design group imagines and executes digital experiences that enable new ways of working, learning, and doing business. Our teams include content strategists, user experience designers, and visual designers. We realize solutions through a collaborative process of exploration, iteration, and evolution, always focused on the near- and long-term innovations that fuel digital transformation and create new capabilities for people. Working with our colleagues in Business Strategy and Architecture, we deliver experiences that enable new behaviors through high visual, visceral, and consumable interfaces.

Opportunities in Experience Strategy & Design

I love the collaboration... I'm working hand-in-hand with really skilled people from every discipline.
- David P
Architecture strategy & design

Architecture strategy & design

We're skilled technologists and experienced technical leaders who collaborate with our client IT teams to deliver innovative solutions. Our principal focus is to carefully design and thoroughly test digital solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.

Opportunities in Architecture Strategy & Design

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.
- Steve Jobs
Client services & project delivery

Client services & project delivery

We are stewards of our clients' business goals. We tie it all together by helping evolve the solution, driving teamwork with resiliency through the critical path, evaluating tradeoffs, intercepting distractions, managing ambiguity, and balancing diverse project needs linked to resources, time, and budget.

Opportunities in Client Services & Project Delivery

You and the team hit it out of the park today. It is incredibly inspiring seeing you present.... You guys own this space...
- Client Business Stakeholder

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