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An investment company was going through aggressive organizational transformation: not only were they adopting a digital-first operating model, they were also reimagining the roles and relationships that structure the business. Historically, the workforce had reached clients through a field force of affiliates. Now, they’d be tasked with dealing directly with customers.

This would require a tremendous shift in culture, mindset, and ways of working. The business tapped LDS for a digital strategy to help workers adapt to change by instilling agility, customer-centricity, resilient leadership, and core digital competencies.

We started by understanding key business strategies and operations, the larger business ecosystem, and the technology landscape. We assessed people’s work relative to desired business capabilities. Then, we modeled the future state of work with a focus on individuals.

We partnered with the client to visualize work as sets of activities and practices, always in relationship to the business-digital ecosystem we had defined. We factored active enterprise methodologies like Agile and Lean. Finally, we identified what workers would need to participate productively in new work, including core behaviors and key opportunities for the workforce of the future. The result was a strategy and approach grounded in business analysis and people insights, ready to guide the production of the pilot experience.

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