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Our bi-weekly video series “LDS On” provides insight on topics of strategic interest to business leaders who are guiding their organizations through transformative change.


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LDS CEO and digital transformation expert Mimi Brooks regularly presents to Fortune 500 leadership teams at industry conference events around the world.


3Sixty Insights #HRTech Chat with Mimi Brooks


DisrupTV Episode 247: Featuring Mimi Brooks


Building the Sustainable, High Performance Organizations of Tomorrow


Empowering Frontline Employees with a Connected Worker Experience Strategy


Transforming Organizations Through Waves of Digital Transformation


Lessons Learned and Current Business Imperatives of the 4th Industrial Revolution


Building Organizational Capabilities to Win in the 2020s


Shaping Business in the 4th Industrial Revolution


Shaping the Digital Organization: Part 1


Shaping the Digital Organization: Part 2


Shaping the Digital Organization: Part 3

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Building the Organization of the Future
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated innovation by at least two years, and truthfully, business was unprepared for the full global impact. In our latest eBook, we examine the mega challenges facing business in the post-pandemic era and present a roadmap for "building back better."
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We publish thought-provoking insights for digital experiences that transform business and help people succeed in the new digital organization.

Whitepapers & eBooks

10+ min

eBook: Building the Organization of the Future

10+ min

eBook: Digital Worker Experiences in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

10+ min

The Ongoing Transition from Vertical Industries to Business Ecosystems

6 min

How Great Digital Strategy Bridges Two States of Knowledge

10+ min

Organizational Change: A Crucial Component of Digital Transformation

7 min

Preparing Front-Line Workers for Organizational Change

5 min

Creating New Knowledge Pathways Between the Office and the Front Line

10+ min

The Industry Leap from Vertical Markets to Ecosystems

10+ min

Why Your Employee Experience Needs Ethical Design

10+ min

Building Knowledge Practices in the Digital-First Organization

10+ min

Change and Digital in the Healthcare Industry

7 min

“Being Digital” – Building Capabilities Towards the Digital Organization

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4 min

New Age Technologies, Digital Ethics and the Future of Jobs

4 min

Hyper-Connecting the Worker Experience Through Mobile Technology

10 min

Going Back to the Future of Work

9 min

Five Imperatives for the Second Wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

9 min

Five Lessons Learned from the First Wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

5 min

Digital Natives Aren’t Just Changing Your Workplace – They’re Shaping It

6 min

Six Differentiators of Digital-First Organizations

8 min

Experiences Are the Catalysts to New Value

6 min

The Future of Work in the Next Industrial Revolution: 2 Frameworks

6 min

Rethinking Performance Management for the Digital Organization

5 min

The Future of Digital Is Human

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The Future of Work Is Our Domain

By placing the employee and worker experience at the epicenter of exponential change, we help organizations operationalize digital transformation for every employee.