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People at Work with Drones

A case study on digital transformation in Operations & Logistics demonstrates the enormous value realized by coupling new data collection techniques with Artificial Intelligence capabilities.


Culture in Action

How would you describe your company’s culture? Are commitments enacted every day in people’s actions and choices? Now more than ever culture should embody the unifying beliefs and purpose behind the employee value proposition. An actionable culture that employees live every day defines the organization of the future.


The Future of Content Strategy in the Digital Enterprise

The Future of Content in the World of AI sees a workplace where the content strategist partners with Artificial Intelligence to create and maintain a uniquely adaptive digital ecosystem.


The Future of Digital is Human

The future of digital is authentically human. It will take the best of both to create a partnership capable of more than either could ever achieve or create separately.


Making the Case for the Universal Employee Profile

To mobilize digital-first talent programs, companies should start by reimagining the employee profile as a single, data-rich entity that can drive engagement, fuel connectivity, and power business intelligence.


What Fuels the Digital Workforce?

From new career models to increased automation, the new employee experience is changing. In this infographic, we look at the five big areas fueling the digital workforce: new career models, new skills to support new work, the evolution of teams, innovative learning experiences, and lastly – changing definition of success.


Harmonizing Business Ecosystems for a Holistic Employee Experience

With the urgency of digital transformation and the adoption of disruptive technologies inside the enterprise, organizations are in the early stages of rationalizing a changing technology ecosystem.


Empowering Employees Through Search Design

Findability is still the top reported pain point for employees in the enterprise despite all the advancements and investments in digital technologies.