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Designing Employee Experiences that Shape Culture

When the employee experience realizes culture in the scenarios and narratives where it is most relevant to workers, it delivers on the purpose and impact of digital transformation.


Organizational Change in the Era of Digital Transformation

We hear from our clients about the pressing need for mechanisms that translate change goals into operationally-oriented practices of workers – to communicate the why, what, and how of the change and to drive the desired behaviors explicitly. To do this, desired change must be discretely defined, made actionable, and designed into interactive experiences.


The Future of Content in a World of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Content strategists are still hesitant to think about Artificial Intelligence (AI). During a recent Content Strategy New Jersey Meetup, LDS explored and presented what AI is and how content strategists can partner with it in content analysis, content design and creation, as well as content maintenance.


Culture in Action

How would you describe your company’s culture? Are commitments enacted every day in people’s actions and choices? Now more than ever culture should embody the unifying beliefs and purpose behind the employee value proposition. An actionable culture that employees live every day defines the organization of the future.


“Being Digital” – Building Capabilities Towards the Digital Organization

Creating new digital businesses requires an organizational approach that breaks up and reconfigures old modes of work, combining digitally-native abilities and behaviors with new technologies and work designs.


The Talent Agenda for the Digital Age

A strategic talent experience drives in context the specific mindset, developmental actions, behaviors, and work practices needed in employees to realize the company’s digital, organizational, and people strategies.


Simplifying Enterprise Content Chaos

Employees need and expect digital experiences at work that feel simple, relevant, and useful. While the strategic mandate for enterprise content is unique, emerging content strategy trends in the consumer space offer new opportunities to simplify content inside large global organizations.


Making the Case for the Universal Employee Profile

To mobilize digital-first talent programs, companies should start by reimagining the employee profile as a single, data-rich entity that can drive engagement, fuel connectivity, and power business intelligence.