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Business transformation fuels a new era on the railroad

A leader in the rail industry was working hard to keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands for competitive pricing, first- and last-mile advantages, and great customer service. To succeed, they needed to transform their business platform from the top down, rethinking their operations and considering the impact of digital at every level of the business.

They tasked LDS with envisioning a new digital business platform that could optimize performance through people-centric strategic initiatives spanning employee relations, supply chain integration, and customer service.

Our transformation initiative was comprehensive in scope, and considered a complex ecosystem of SAP products and other point solutions. We assessed changing demographics and new talent management programs to define a new vision for employee engagement. We designed digital experiences to support networking, knowledge practices, and contextualized support for key people processes. To fuel supplier integration, we created a model for connectivity among suppliers, partners, and employees to enhance asset utilization, help build relationships, and promote teamwork in service of customer needs. Finally, our we delivered a strategy for new digital customer relations enablers, including lead-to-cash initiatives and a digitally optimized customer journey.

Our recommendations provided practical near-term and long-term strategies to evolve to a holistic, efficient business platform. As the solution evolves, it integrates products, systems, and assets into a harmonized ecosystem while realizing much-needed principles of human-centered performance.

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