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Helping a 200-year-old benefits provider realize a new growth strategy

One of the oldest benefits providers in North America – one that serves a discrete community of caregivers and community leaders – had adopted a new growth strategy and made broad investments in updating the digital ecosystem. Now they needed to evolve their digital “front door” in order to support a new model for consumer engagement and community outreach. They enlisted LDS to help them reimagine their site. Critically, it would need to serve as a driver of growth while maintaining seamless connectivity within a landscape of properties and systems, some still under development.

To start, we collaborated with communications, marketing, operations, and business stakeholders to redefine the brand’s engagement model. Our goal was to reflect an updated identity and deliver on the employer brand promise for new generations of members while keeping long-standing members engaged. Together, we created a new experience framework balancing education, service, community engagement, and social participation for key constituent segments.

With an experience strategy defined, we built out a language architecture, reimagined the information architecture, and identified new functional and content needs that we aligned to an evolving ecosystem. We acted as a trusted partner through design and implementation, including constituent validation, content authoring, systems rationalization, and technical development.

The new experience provides engaging and relevant content and capabilities across member and employer groups. Information about plans and programs is easy to navigate and understand, and connects seamlessly to relevant transaction and account systems. Easy access to wellness challenges, assistance programs, and opportunities to participate keeps constituents coming back.

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