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An AI-fueled interface for smarter, faster, safer disaster recovery

A tech client is at the leading edge of new work powered by human-machine partnerships. In the aftermath of disasters, their technology helps response teams identify public safety incidents from the air using AI-processed drone images. But while the business had the capability to collect and process raw image data, they had no way to help people on the ground understand, process, and prioritize it. That’s where we came in.

Our team of experience strategists, designers, and architects worked with their business stakeholders and drone-AI technologists to design and implement a new worker interface. The new solution reasons about AI-identified incidents, prioritizes them, and provides project managers and front-line field responders with a coordinated response plan. Highly visual and with a simple UI, the experience focuses people’s attention and provides quickly consumable views of complex, dynamic data. It assists them in making high-stakes decisions quickly and with the best available information.

Now in use for disaster recovery, the experience helped clinch a major partnership with a telecom company to aid in hurricane relief. The client is currently adapting it for new operational contexts that can benefit from user-centric human/AI interactions, with a focus on targeted-action operations models with humans in the loop.

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