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Fueling new insight through digital work design

In an industry landscape defined by round-the-clock omni-channel consumer engagement and ever-evolving consumer expectations, a global consumer package goods company needed marketing strategies at the digital vanguard. To move their brand strategy into the future of digital, they wanted a new way of facilitating innovative campaign development. Achieving this meant new work design: rethinking fundamental processes, practices, mindset, culture, and tools to imagine entirely new ways of collaborating through digital.

The client tapped LDS to help them empower their marketing team to bigger ideas and faster ideation. We worked closely with them to define new business structures and work practices for a global team that included colleagues, agencies, and external partners. Grounded in user scenario analysis and experience design, our work design effort focused on relevant, just-in-time collaboration throughout the campaign development cycle, from strategy to concept to activation. The new user journey guided people through awareness, attention, insight, decision making, and engagement, balancing simplicity with rigor. Measurement and testing established a feedback loop to help the solution become smarter over time.

The impact was instant. The new experience fostered creative new ways of collaborating and creating through digital, and resulted in several winning campaigns shortly after launch – including one that beat the market share goals for its product category.

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