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A large aerospace company had a significant percentage of their workforce set to retire within five years. With organizational knowledge buried in silos and not circulating effectively, they faced the risk that valuable expertise was about to walk out the door. How could they ensure the sustainable continuity of knowledge in a changing workforce?

LDS helped the client develop a digital strategy and roadmap for a new knowledge platform – not only to address this critical need, but also to promote innovation and fuel new organizational capability. A broad cohort of stakeholders collaborated with us in establishing the solution’s vision and value. We managed the project through strategy, inception, measurement, and evolution.

The new experience is an accessible forum of innovation and influence. Through personalization and customization, it highlights individual contributions in meaningful contexts. Digital-first tools and resources enable knowledge discovery and the adoption of new work practices. Crucially, it creates performance value for the enterprise by getting employees in sync with key opportunities, engaging them in impactful programs and practices as a natural part of their routines.

The solution prepares workers for the years ahead and makes them effective agents of innovation. In one instance, employees shared a solution for failing fuel tank sensors across military and commercial lines of the business. This single interaction has saved the business millions of dollars per year.

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