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A digital journey that assimilates new hires from the first point of contact

WATCH – The Digital First Onboarding Experience

Effective onboarding can greatly increase revenues through faster time to productivity. Conversely, botched onboarding short-circuits productivity through unexpected vacancies and missed opportunities to hire the right talent from the get-go. A Fortune 500 telecommunications company saw the opportunity to create new organizational value through their onboarding process and turned to LDS to create meaningful, personal digital journeys that start before day one.

Often, we encounter administrative solutions that seek to reduce direct HR costs and improve services, missing the valuable strategic opportunity to assimilate new hires to the organization and integrate them into their work. We advocate for the notion that a new hire succeeds or fails as a function of alignment with culture and the ability to quickly and successfully step in to the role.

We create digital journeys that welcome new hires as valued members of the organization, reinforce their decision to join, and empower them to get up to speed quickly. Experiences are personalized to the new hire segment: a sales associates in a retail store, for example, or an executive in R&D. The experience also addresses specific business scenarios and contexts of use, such as networking in the organization or preparing to work in the new role.

Every onboarding solution provides engaging and helpful pathways for every new hire, seamlessly transitioning to their ongoing employee journey. The impact is organization-wide: a strong culture, engaged team members, and greater productivity.

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