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Coordinating digital investments to achieve the “Perfect Load”

A leading provider of truckload, logistics, and intermodal services conducts business in multiple countries worldwide, serving more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500. In a highly competitive industry, they were pursuing bold growth opportunities through ambitious technology initiatives. However, digital efforts were siloed. Our mission was to maximize the impacts of technology investments by coordinating them to business strategies in support of market leadership.

LDS helped client stakeholders align on priorities, approaches, and value propositions for their digital channels at every touchpoint along the employee journey. We assessed opportunities to fuel top-line growth, customer engagement, employee retention, and other KPIs. Through our digital-first methodology, we evaluated these opportunities against business and marketplace value, operational and technology readiness, and organizational strategies.

The output was a digital roadmap guided by a set of opportunity scores factoring constituent data, best practices, cost, complexity, and weighted inputs from stakeholders. This qualitative and quantitative approach also addressed dependencies, relationships, and foundational capabilities factored by constituent group: customers, drivers, other associates, and service providers. Throughout the process, we collaborated with sponsors and other core stakeholders for their input, validation, and broader socialization for buy-in.

This alignment was instrumental in optimizing digital returns for the company as a whole – moving the business forward, delivering services that resonate with customers, and enabling aligned employee performance. The result was the “Perfect Load,” a balance of profit, customer satisfaction, driver satisfaction, and safety.

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