2018 18th Annual Talent Management Strategies Design Conference
Shaping the Digital Organization

On February 28th, Mimi Brooks keynoted The Conference Board’s 18th Annual Talent Management Strategies in New York to over 150 executives and practitioners. Mimi led a thought-provoking session focused on talent and the critical goal of readying people to be successful in the emerging digital ecosystem.

In her presentation, Mimi defined the tenets of the digital organization and explained how digital is made meaningful and operational in living organizations. She showed how talent is aligned to this model through the creation of digital-first business design and work design. The presentation concluded with examples of interactive digital experiences that shape worker perspectives and behavior.

We hope that you find some interesting insights in viewing Mimi’s video below. You will also find the presentation slides and the additional supporting collateral made available to everyone who attended the event.

Shaping the Digital Organization

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