Our Approach to Global Learning Experiences


Disruptive technologies, shifts in employee demographics, and the necessity of a workforce that keeps pace with new skills are transforming how people learn – and expect to learn – at work. Fostering a learning culture is a must for companies to be competitive in the marketplace and to attract and retain the best talent.

LDS balances the employee experience as a whole with employee-centric learning strategy to maximize technology investments and create learning environments that are transformative for companies and their people.


Our Approach

We adopt a strategic learning experience approach, which aligns to business and people goals and is supported by enabling technology and business transformation.

A strategic learning solution

We design within the context of people strategies, integrated talent management programs, and global and local organizational goals.

Consumer-grade capabilities

Our work is powered by social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies – empowering people to own their learning and pursue growth opportunities.

End-to-end content strategy

Our learning solutions feel convenient, relevant, and personalized for every employee, for experiences that are both inspiring and useful.

A holistic experience

We factor the complete ecosystem of learning assets, maximizing their value within a harmonious and engaging experience.

Designing for collaboration

Our experiences provide broader access to in-house experts and help ideas spread faster, leveraging the value of people as assets and concretizing tribal knowledge

A sustainable vision

We plan for adoption, change management, and the evolution of the experience over time.



Enabling dynamic, self-directed, continuous learning behaviors for every employee

For Business
  • A proactive learning culture
  • Employee efficiency, innovation, and expertise
  • Alignment of employee development to organizational goals
  • Programs that deliver on the value of investments
  • Management and curation of learning assets
  • Realization of the employee value proposition
For People
  • Holistic learning environment that feels accessible, relevant, and engaging
  • Guidance that connects learning to career development
  • Ways to connect with and learn from others
  • Variety that lets people choose when, how, and what to learn
  • “Just in time, just for me” learning experiences