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Culture in Action

Can you describe your company's corporate culture?

Not how the company articulates its commitments...

But how those commitments are enacted throughout the organization, in people’s actions and choices.

Your culture is realized

  • In how it influences decisions and actions
  • In how people rely upon it for confident alignment
  • In how people participate and “pass it on”

An actionable culture that employees live every day defines the organization of the future.

Culture is critical to business performance

Now more than ever

Culture should embody the unifying beliefs and purpose behind the Employee Value Proposition.

  • It shapes employee behavior
  • It enables employee experiences
  • It is built on shared values
What great culture looks like

A shared mission and values define our common purpose

How companies fall short
  • Cultural commitments lack actionable ideas
  • Strategies and mottos don't resonate with individuals
  • Communications are ineffective and unreliable
  • Customer-centricity is an afterthought, not a mindset
What great culture looks like

An inclusive organization where contributions are valued

How companies fall short
  • Connection/collaboration outside my area is impossible
  • I lack channels to give feedback to those above my level
  • It’s hard to find ways to get involved outside my day-to-day role
  • Technology is outdated and not useful for the work I need to do
What great culture looks like

Our priority is our people

How companies fall short
  • Development is lacking and mentorship is poor/non-existent
  • Career journeys are not clear or are too rigid in structure
  • The first few days on the job lack assimilation and orientation
  • Work-life balance is an afterthought – it’s all work and no play
What great culture looks like

Leaders at all levels champion change

How companies fall short
  • Leaders give different answers to the same strategic question
  • High-performing bosses are directive, not mentors
  • Leadership messaging doesn't embrace digital goals and behaviors
  • My ideas and opinions are overshadowed by top level decisions
What great culture looks like

Good global citizens driving positive change

How companies fall short
  • Ethical commitments of the organization are poorly articulated
  • There’s no visibility into corporate initiatives that make the world better
  • Corporate citizenship is misaligned with other articulations of shared mission and values
  • I can’t find meaningful ways to further our positive impact

In the organization of the future, culture means more than commitment

Why it matters?

Creating a great culture begins with defining it. But it hits the sweet spot when we find the best opportunities to put it into action.

Culture made actionable is a market- place differentiator for businesses. It empowers people in how they collaborate, work, and learn.

Culture in action means engaged, aligned talent that stays with the company longer and performs better. And that makes all the difference.