A Blurred Line and the Omni-channel Enterprise

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POSTED: December 18th, 2015

TAGS: consumer-grade experiences, digital transformation, emerging digital solutions, omni-channel

A Blurred Line and the Omni-channel Enterprise

LDS President and CEO Mimi Brooks recently hosted a thought-provoking webinar designed to help enterprise leaders enable their employees with productivity tools that are integrated across business channels and create a frictionless work environment. Her presentation highlighted practical strategies for business leaders seeking to increase the pace of digital innovation.

Brooks noted that the consumerization of HR is challenging executives to be leaders in digital innovation and outlined five key strategies for them to follow:

    • Think Digital Value – Pursue digital opportunities that drive enterprise value, not just digital “activities.”


    • Endorse Experimentation and Market Research– Know your constituents, engage them early and often, and evolve the solution based on data analytics.


    • Get Data to People – Find ways to get data held in vendor and HR systems into the hands of employees that need it.


    • Build Organizational Capability– Grow the HR skill sets that are required to innovate, evolve and manage digital solutions.


  • Lead as Front Office – Recognize that yesterday’s “back office” systems were not designed for today’s consumer-grade employee experiences.