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Building the Organization of the Future

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The Mega Challenges Facing Businesses Today

As we enter the second wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), a mixture of economics, politics, technology, demography and several other complex social and environmental factors are influencing how we think about resourcing our organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this innovation by at least two years, and truthfully, business was unprepared for the full global impact.  In this 40+ page executive brief, we examine the mega challenges facing business in the post-pandemic era and present a roadmap for "building back better."

A Model for Building the Organization of the Future

Within this executive brief, you'll access an LDS proprietary model for "The Organization of the Future." This model leads with the three key organizational transformation principles - Leading with Purpose, Thinking in Systems, and Acting in the Interest of Humans - that pave the way for corporate resilience and recovery in the post-pandemic era. You'll also gain access to in-depth analysis of the ten sub-dimensions of this model with case study examples, including:

  • Managing Organizational Complexity
  • Embracing Continual Transformation
  • Advocating Resilient Designs
  • Acting for the Common Good
  • Defining Human-Machine Interactions
  • Activating Ecosystems via Platforms
  • Directing Technological Influx
  • Operationalizing Models for New Jobs
  • Designing Hybrid-Virtual Workplaces
  • Building Cultural Cohesion

Is your organization ready?

For over 30 years, leading edge clients have come to Logical Design Solutions for our best-of-breed reputation. From the C-suite to front line operations, we create organizational strategies that enable new ways of working, connecting, and conducting business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read on as we present key perspectives that will help your organization build the Employee Experience required in our post-pandemic world.