Shaping Business in the 4th Industrial Revolution


The Future of Work Is Our Domain

By placing the employee and worker experience at the epicenter of exponential change, we help organizations operationalize digital transformation for every employee.

Mimi Brooks, CEO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS), recently delivered the opening remarks at the DISRUPT / NNJ event in Florham Park, NJ, attended by 250+ people from over 180 companies in the tri-state area. During her presentation – Shaping Business in the 4th Industrial Revolution – Mimi highlighted how digital transformation is shifting to a human-centric agenda in the enterprise, and that companies need to establish new standards, policies, and business practices for an emerging, complex digital world. A key requirement, she noted, is to create organizational roadmaps that will proactively design new work experiences for people. She concluded that leaders must demonstrate values-based decision-making, which will provide purpose and meaning for employees and their future work. If you have questions about the presentation or LDS, contact Ken Kuhl at