Shaping the Digital Organization: Part 3


The Future of Work Is Our Domain

By placing the employee and worker experience at the epicenter of exponential change, we help organizations operationalize digital transformation for every employee.

New Experience Design

The conclusion examines new experience design and the role emerging methodologies play in its creation, featuring business use-cases and examples of digital experiences.

About this presentation:

Mimi Brooks, CEO of Logical Design Solutions, recently delivered the keynote address to The Conference Board Talent Management Strategies conference in New York City, attended by over 150 people from 90+ companies across the United States. In her presentation – Shaping the Digital Organization – Mimi focused on challenges in organizational design for digital workplaces, the tenets of digital organizations and how digital is made meaningful and operational in living organizations. She also explained how talent is aligned to this model through digital-first business design and work design. The presentation concluded with examples of interactive digital experiences that shape worker perspectives and behavior. If you have any questions about the presentation, please contact Ken Kuhl at