Procter & Gamble’s WINnovation Summit

Lessons Learned & Current Business Imperatives of the 4th Industrial Revolution




Mimi Brooks, digital transformation thought-leader and CEO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS), recently had the privilege of presenting to more than 500 leaders in Innovation at Proctor & Gamble’s WINnovation Summit. Her presentation was entitled “Lessons Learned and Current Business Imperatives of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

In this video Mimi discusses organizational transformation through the new calculus of digital, explaining why changes in human behavior are as critical as new technology in creating the organization and workforce of the future. She explains how organizations are realizing change through digital strategy and organizational design and defined new relationships of business consumers to new work and their new digital counterparts. Digital transformation is organization transformation – and it is more about engaging people in new work paradigms than it is about replacing them entirely. This session is for every business leader who has an interest in building the workforce of the future.

There are accompanying pieces below the video that help explain some of the drivers impacting the new organizational models that every enterprise needs to know about. Mimi is available to speak at your company so you can gain the benefits of her insights working with Global 1000 companies on their greatest transformation challenges.

Please contact John Fee, VP Marketing to discuss your needs and schedule some time with Mimi.

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