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Ambient Computing & New Enterprise Solutions


Technology awareness and responsiveness to dynamic ideas of people in environments, or ambient computing, will change the way functionality, search capabilities and user experiences all get enhanced in future enterprise solutions.

The use of technologies like those found in Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri, and in Microsoft’s Cortana will streamline certain enterprise functions while providing new and exciting experiences to business consumers.

Integration plus contextual awareness

The ability to connect people with business information, decision support data, and a range of tools and resources via simple voice commands is just the start of capabilities that lie ahead. In addition to the elegant user experience possibilities, an individual’s voice contains unique pattern identifiers that can provide systems with another layer of authentication and ultimately enhanced security.

Even more exciting, ambient computing brings together a range of disparate resources, is always-on and constantly learning about the environment and the people in it through interactions. It has a contextual awareness that can recognize a situation and then respond with relevant information.

Creating new value

For example, as a business user I may have access to a repository of many thousands of resources that I typically search within. If my traditional use of search is such that I have to filter and refine the terms I use, search remains an arduous process.

Yet, a smarter, integrated solution that considers information from my profile, my recent inquiry history and other learned variables, such as time of year relative to key business events, could yield results more meaningful to me. In the future enterprise ecosystem, you could envision people managers using solutions like these to monitor and manage their entire talent management pipeline!

In terms of experience design, nothing could be more elegant and simplistic than using one action to cull what’s relevant from vast amounts of information using only your voice. These possibilities will delight enterprise consumers with value, utility and a friction free experience across channels and devices.

Consumer trends, adapted to the enterprise context

The Internet of Things (IoT), for the most part, has already created various methods and means by which data can be collected and exchanged. As innovation continues, the consumer market will likely lead with progressive solutions in the area of ambient computing that will naturally extend to the enterprise.

The enterprise will be able to use best-of-breed solutions and apply them to create more useful and more seamless user experiences for their constituents.

Organizations can take cues now by following the growth of ambient computing within the in-home, consumer market where much of the initial progress is taking shape. The “connected-home” is the beginning of a small scale model for larger future state enterprise environments. All of the elements are there for consideration including network, device, security, profile and content management.

Using this line of sight can enable organizations to gauge which aspects of ambient computing will be most beneficial to employees in both the workplace and at home, providing them with an enhanced and seamless user experience.

At LDS, we’re always looking for ways to capitalize on modern technology disruptors, like ambient computing, to design relevant digital business experiences that create competitive advantage!

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