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On Being an Engineer at Logical Design Solutions


At Logical Design Solutions, we pride ourselves on designing intuitive user experiences that help our clients achieve their business objectives. When a design is truly effective, it will often hide the inherent complexity that tends to exist inside the enterprise ecosystem.

But to a software engineer, understanding that complexity and being able to harness the power of those complex systems can be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the role. At LDS, our engineers work closely with user experience experts, visual designers, and content analysts to take their innovative designs and make them a reality.

Guiding designs to rational completion

Engineers are involved early in the design process at LDS, bringing their technical insights and applying critical thinking to help refine and shape the solution. Through this iterative process, our teams produce logically complete solution designs that satisfy business requirements while caring for necessary ideas of budget, timeline, and technical feasibility.

Developing consumer-grade interfaces inside the enterprise

Modern solutions require dynamic, responsive interfaces. At LDS, our front-end engineers specialize in developing these interfaces using the latest web technologies. We combine clean, semantic HTML5 markup and with elegant, modular JavaScript to deliver solutions across a range of browsers and devices. We leverage JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and AngularJS to facilitate rapid development, but we also write complex, custom code as needed to realize our requirements.

Building the foundation

The front-end, of course, is only one piece of the puzzle. LDS engineers also design and develop robust application architectures to provide all of the services and sub-systems that make the solution work. These systems must care for details such as personalization, security, content management, and other foundational ideas of the solution. Furthermore, they often enable complex integrations with third party applications, cloud services, and other systems in the enterprise ecosystem.

Our engineers implement these solutions across a wide range of platforms and technologies. While they possess deep knowledge and experience on platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and IBM WebSphere, we expect our consultants to be software engineers first, and product specialists second. We put primacy on elegant engineering, thoughtful problem solving, and rational decision making.

Implementing a solution isn’t always just writing code, of course. Our engineers must be equally comfortable writing custom software and configuring off-the-shelf products to achieve solutions that appropriately care for the “build vs. buy” equation.

Why we do it

Engineers, above all else, enjoy building things. Specifically, we enjoy building things that are useful to people. At LDS, we are challenged every day to solve new problems and implement complex solutions. These solutions solve real business problems for some of the biggest companies in the world. The software we write is used by thousands of people, globally, each day. It’s a challenging, deeply rewarding experience, and one that affords regular opportunities for learning.

Join our team

Are you an experienced software engineer who…

  • Excels at figuring out creative ways to leverage technology to solve business problems?
  • Has proven experience leading and participating in implementation teams, including teams that span multiple organizations including implementation partners and client development personnel?
  • Takes pride in your ability to design, specify, and implement elegant, robust solutions on a variety of platforms?
  • Enjoys taking highly sophisticated user interface design ideas and turning them into real, working solutions that have broad enterprise impact?

If so, please take a moment to review the career opportunities on our site and submit your resume today.

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