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Exploring AR in the Enterprise: Orientation / Assimilation

Visual Design

Augmented Reality (AR) changes the way we see and experience our physical environment. In the business context, this opens new avenues for innovation. AR allows us to envision enhanced experiences for workers, from orientation and onboarding, to interactive and collaborative engagements with space, people, and the work itself.


Directional / Wayfinding

Guidance for workers to acclimate to new environments. Directional walking routes and environment information are displayed.


What Work & Where

Organizational and work knowledge activated and accessed as workers move through, and interact with, their work environment. Areas of the office come to life with activity details and artifacts photographed/recorded.


People Resources

Productive and meaningful exchanges between coworkers are facilitated and accelerated by AR, enabling greater worker connectivity. People are valuable resources in a work environment — Orient to who sits where, who does what, and connect directly.

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