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IXDA NNJ Event: Visualization practices with Philip Bakelaar



Visual facilitation practice is simply helping people “See what you mean.” Together, systems thinking and visual practice help us model and communicate about complex ideas and structures.

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Using visuals and the practice of graphic facilitation to capture ideas is an engaging and succinct way to communicate complex concepts. By capturing the flow of information and ideas in real time, participants’ comprehension and retention increases. The approach frees people from the conventional way of thinking and inspires people to approach challenges in new ways.

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Visualization practices have the power to create change and inspire innovation. In today’s organizational landscape, teams are made up of people with many different styles and backgrounds of communication and learning. Images are a universal mode of communication that can foster collaboration and improve comprehension. This practice works well when the outcome isn’t crystal clear, and the team is able to decision make and build consensus around ideas as a group. The information that is discussed in a visual session can often take weeks of back and forth digital communications.

The following criteria is a good gauge as to whether visual practices are right for you:


Anyone can pick up the skills to facilitate and represent concepts visually! There are several tools and techniques available to build and practice using a visual vocabulary. There are also Visual Practitioners and Graphic Facilitators available for hire.

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