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Watch Mimi Brooks’ keynote presentation, “Building Sustainable, High Performance Organizations of Tomorrow” from the 2021 Spring HR Tech Conference. As the second wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, progressive companies are busy reimagining and rethinking their business models to compete in this volatile digital age. To support transformational growth strategies, organizations need to be responsive and resilient by design. Brooks discusses the framework for purpose-driven organizations where shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities are equal partners. She examines why culture cohesion will bind the human-centric operating model, how new approaches to leadership will guide flatter, faster and more fluid organizations, and new ways of working, which will ultimately redefine the value and intention of human work.

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    In this episode we focus on the evolution of culture in the hybrid-virtual workplace. This is an important topic at a time when virtual strategies and new work practices afford workers flexibility and freedom in terms of how and where they work, while topics like diversity, human-centricity and inclusion take center stage. CEO Mimi Brooks examines how business leaders must take the initiative to engage and empower employees by embracing individuality and the essential human connection to nurture richer culture, higher engagement, more creativity, and better business results.
    A discussion on the strategy and vision for a digital Employee Experience aligned to the transforming operating model of digital age businesses. With the operating model as our line of sight, we imagine Employee and Worker Experiences that drive productivity, encourage adoption of new work practices, and invoke engagement in new purpose and culture models.

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    You’re invited to join us on March 31st at 11 am EST for The LDS HR Tech After Event. Mimi Brooks will lead an open discussion with highlights from her keynote presentation along with some demonstrations of relevant work. Lots of opportunities for Q&As on the important topics affecting the Employee and Worker Experience. Spots are limited – RSVP today!

    During a time of rapid convergence of enabling technologies and evolving business ecosystems, rethinking the fundamentals of how a business creates new value through new ways of working is an absolute priority. “Digital Worker Experiences in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” explores 12 groundbreaking trends that will change the way you think about work.

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