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Studio Snapshot: The UX Tribe


The UX Studio at Logical Design Solutions is a small powerhouse doing big things. Our experiences support new ways of working, and to create these experiences, UXers work intensively with project teams comprised of experts in the domains of business, architecture, content and visual design.

These collaborations invariably expand our understanding and nurture new ways of thinking about business problems because they provide input from colleagues who view the problem through a different lens. That’s what LDS is like—it embodies the idea of life-long learning.

This learning also happens in our UX Studio meetings, and these meetings are really where I find my tribe. They often start with quips and jokes about the latest office observance, like who in our group is eating what now and why (long story). We also catch up on what’s going on in our personal lives—usually there’s a story about someone’s kid (like, who ended up in the hospital this week). These gatherings are important because they keep us in touch during periods of concentrated work, when we are distributed across teams and may not see other UXers except to say “hello” and “goodbye” at the bookends of the day.

And then, there is also the meat of the matter—the sharing of trends and developments in the world of UX and how we might consider these ideas in the work we do. Topics are wide ranging, with recent discussions focused on AI and how we might apply and design for it in the enterprise, how to provide context in interfaces that surface big data, or the implications for digital first design within organizations. We have genuine conversations that feel like a team practicing soccer—someone kicks it off and the ideas bounce between us, everyone adding something—facts, additional sources of information, or their interpretation of the topic.

Each week, I leave these meetings understanding the value of an hour, evidenced in the ideas that such a small increment of time have inspired. I usually come away from our gatherings with a new perspective–what I thought when I took my first swallow of coffee has taken twists and turns, and arrived at a whole new place by the time I can see the bottom of my mug.

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