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User Experience Challenge: Complexity of Mobile Enterprise Ecosystems for Employees


As the lines between work at home and work in the office blur, users expect a consumer-like experience in the enterprise where access to data and functions work seamlessly anywhere. Employees want to interact with business applications the same way they work on personal tasks outside of the office. Most of the time users expect to accomplish tasks on the device that is the most convenient to use at that point in time.

Creating a unified mobile experience for the enterprise comes with great value for employees and the business, but the waters can be hard to navigate.

Some of the major challenges we often see include;

  • Mobile Ecosystem: Definition of the mobile experience and its dependency on the mobile ecosystem
  • Readiness: Varied levels of mobile readiness for downstream applications
  • App Relationships: Lack of functional relationships of enterprise apps and systems to each other within the ecosystem
  • Governance: Established governance of enterprise apps to align to the business strategy and the mobile user experience

Let’s look at an example. Employees may be able to search and view a list of internal job openings on their mobile device, but when they are ready to apply, they are redirected to a desktop application from a third-party tool. From a user’s perspective it can be very frustrating to initiate a task from an optimized mobile experience and then sent over to a less than optimal desktop experience to complete it.

So as we think about these challenges, here are some considerations:

  • User Context: Determine when and why users pick up their mobile devices to access functions and data and how this aligns to the mobile experience strategy
  • Mobile Strategy: Establish a core list of enterprise mobile applications and their relationships to each other to support the mobile experience strategy
  • Roadmap: Define a roadmap for short term mobile access and functions vs. access to other systems and apps over time

The UX team believes that an effective mobile strategy should consider these challenges and factor it into the overall plan for the business solution and the user experience.

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