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Culture Matters: How Paramount Uses Tech to Reimagine Employee Engagement

Access the slides from Mimi Brooks’ & Johan Eerenstein’s presentation, “Culture Matters: How Paramount Uses Tech to Reimagine Employee Engagement” from the 2022 HR Executive Health Benefits & Leadership Conference. Key takeaways include how Paramount is getting creative with digital technology to generate innovative approaches to employee engagement, wellness and more to further strengthen its values and culture that greatly contribute to the organization’s overall success, and how this media powerhouse is updating its HR policies, strategies, platforms, practices and culture to align with the new world of work.

With the presentation you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of “Ten Ways HR can Reimagine Social Contracts with Workers.” Thriving in an uncertain future depends on having a compelling vision and powerful social contract with the workforce that guides that relationship as we move forward. In this guide you’ll find insightful ways HR can reimagine social contracts with workers while at the same time keeping its finger on the pulse of rapid change as the 4IR continues to evolve.

Check back in the coming weeks for a video replay of this session.

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    In this episode we focus on the evolution of culture in the hybrid-virtual workplace. This is an important topic at a time when virtual strategies and new work practices afford workers flexibility and freedom in terms of how and where they work, while topics like diversity, human-centricity and inclusion take center stage. CEO Mimi Brooks examines how business leaders must take the initiative to engage and empower employees by embracing individuality and the essential human connection to nurture richer culture, higher engagement, more creativity, and better business results.
    In this episode of “LDS On”, CEO Mimi Brooks focuses on the strategy and vision for a digital Employee Experience aligned to the transforming operating model of digital age businesses. With the operating model as our line of sight, we imagine Employee and Worker Experiences that drive productivity, encourage adoption of new work practices, and invoke engagement in new purpose and culture models.

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