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“Being Digital” – Building Capabilities Towards the Digital Organization

Creating new digital businesses requires an organizational approach that breaks up and reconfigures old modes of work, combining digitally-native abilities and behaviors with new technologies and work designs.


The Future of Digital is Human

The future of digital is authentically human. It will take the best of both to create a partnership capable of more than either could ever achieve or create separately.


The Talent Agenda for the Digital Age

A strategic talent experience drives in context the specific mindset, developmental actions, behaviors, and work practices needed in employees to realize the company’s digital, organizational, and people strategies.


Simplifying Enterprise Content Chaos

Employees need and expect digital experiences at work that feel simple, relevant, and useful. While the strategic mandate for enterprise content is unique, emerging content strategy trends in the consumer space offer new opportunities to simplify content inside large global organizations.


Our Approach to Global Learning Experiences

We adopt a strategic learning experience approach, which aligns to business and people goals and is supported by enabling technology and business transformation.


Empowering Employees Through Search Design

Findability is still the top reported pain point for employees in the enterprise despite all the advancements and investments in digital technologies.


The Way We Design

LDS Design Thinking puts people in the center, considering business priorities and technology, to design for outcomes that empower people and fuel the business.


Business Case for People Analytics

Driven by the pace of change and innovation in the digital world, leading firms are turning to the strategic use of people analytics as a competitive advantage.