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Making the Case for the Universal Employee Profile

To mobilize digital-first talent programs, companies should start by reimagining the employee profile as a single, data-rich entity that can drive engagement, fuel connectivity, and power business intelligence.


What Fuels the Digital Workforce?

From new career models to increased automation, the new employee experience is changing. In this infographic, we look at the five big areas fueling the digital workforce: new career models, new skills to support new work, the evolution of teams, innovative learning experiences, and lastly – changing definition of success.


Harmonizing Business Ecosystems for a Holistic Employee Experience

With the urgency of digital transformation and the adoption of disruptive technologies inside the enterprise, organizations are in the early stages of rationalizing a changing technology ecosystem.


Empowering Employees Through Search Design

Findability is still the top reported pain point for employees in the enterprise despite all the advancements and investments in digital technologies.


Cloud is an element – along with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities (collectively known as “SMAC”) – in the larger HR Technology Ecosystem, which in turn is a dimension in what is termed “digital business ecology.”


Digital Transformation Fuels the Employee Experience

Reinventing businesses to “be digital” in the marketplace means we need people to “act digital” in the workplace.


Delivering Content that Matters

Adaptive content is designed to adapt to the needs of the user, delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time.


Architecting Omni-channel Experiences for the Enterprise Consumer

There’s a popular and strong push toward the commercialization of enterprise technology.