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2017 LDS Activity Challenge – A Complete Success!

For the fourth consecutive year, LDS held its Activity Challenge to an unprecedented amount of participation and activity. To encourage all LDSers to get out, be active and enjoy the great summer weather, the Activity Challenge committee set some serious reach goals.

LDSers stepped far and wide reaching their daily steps — around our campus, on the trails, at the beaches, the gym, at the mall, even in marathons. We tracked our steps with devices ranging from old-school pedometers to smart phones, and GPS-enabled wearables. More than a few of us would not stop walking until we reached our own daily quota, which sometimes meant walking briskly at 10pm under cover of an umbrella.


Amazingly, we met and exceeded every goal we set for ourselves!

Overall, we walked 20,720,305 steps, or roughly 10,360 total miles. That’s the distance from Alaska to Chile! Our daily average steps per person was 8,222, an astounding 23% increase over 2016. And – per usual at LDS – we achieved 100% engagement.


The Activity Challenge started on July 6 with everyone in the company divided into six teams. When the last step was entered into our fitness tracker, the uniquely named team “Second Place” emerged victorious as did our top individual stepper Maria with a staggering 806,698 steps.

The Winning Team

Two of Our Top Steppers

How We Celebrated

Congratulations to all of us for this great team effort, but especially those of us who developed a new appreciation for umbrellas!