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LDS CEO to Discuss Designing Experiences for Organizations of the Future

On November 9th, Logical Design Solutions’ CEO Mimi Brooks will lead a thought-provoking session at the 2017 13th Annual Organization Design Conference in New York City titled Designing Experiences for the Organization of the Future.

To survive and thrive, organizations must evolve with the new digital economy. In this session Mimi will discuss and demonstrate what it means to create the experience strategies and designs that transform organizations and enable people to be successful in the digital age. Stemming from the experience that LDS has acquired in the delivery of scores of engagements to large enterprises, Brooks will offer this lively and spirited presentation to an audience of senior executives among the Fortune 500 that are responsible for large-scale transformation efforts within their companies.

About the 13th Annual Organization Design Conference

At the 13th Annual Organization Design Conference attendees will learn how leading organizations are responding to an increasingly complex and changing environment. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to expand one’s personal network through robust interaction with peer practitioners as well as thought leaders in the field.

If you’re interested in learning more about the conference please visit the Conference Board.