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LDS CEO to Discuss the Concepts of Digitalization and the Employee Experience

On March 1st, LDS’ CEO Mimi Brooks will lead a thought-provoking session at the 2017 17th Annual Talent Management Strategies Conference in New York, titled Digital Strategy and the Employee Experience.

In this session Mimi will present the essential concepts of digitalization in the context of HR, define the distinct dimensions of a career approach that collectively “realizes” the talent capabilities sought (both online and offline), and lay out a vision of the digital employee experience to an audience of top talent management professionals from various Fortune 500 companies.

About the 17th Annual Talent Management Strategies Conference

Conference attendees will learn how leading organizations are overcoming current and future talent challenges. From identifying high-potentials and developing future leaders to managing change and engaging employees, this conference will include current best practices as well as emerging trends. In addition to expanding personal networks, there will be opportunities to interact with top talent executives from leading companies.

If you’re interested in learning more about the conference and would like to attend please visit the Conference Board .