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LDS CEO to Discuss Experience Strategy & Platforms: Building Organizational Capabilities Needed to Win in the 2020s

On June 13th, Logical Design Solutions’ (LDS) CEO Mimi Brooks will lead a thought-provoking session at the 2019 17th Annual Change & Transformation Conference in New York City titled Experience Strategy & Platforms: Building Organizational Capabilities Needed to Win in the 2020s.

Successful digital transformation isn’t possible without organizational transformation. Yet, many first-wave transformation efforts have done just that – focused on acquiring, experimenting and launching new technology without building the organizational capabilities, culture, and worker experiences needed to support sustainable change. As a result, organizations get stuck in their digital journey – and it’s the illusion of being digital at a time when becoming digital is critical.

Stemming from the experience that LDS has acquired in the delivery of scores of engagements to large enterprises, Brooks will present strategies for designing organizations of the future – new human-machine work, new ways of working, and the experience strategy and platforms that are enablers to true business-digital transformation.

About the 17th Annual Change & Transformation Conference

In this world of ever-accelerating change, leaders in change management must continuously learn, adapt, and leverage new tools to ensure that their organizations are fueling the future. Come and learn from The Conference Board’s Change and Transformation Council members and experts, as well as global change leaders from diverse sectors. Discover ways to develop new services and products with agility, to embrace digital transformation, and to find purpose in new business models and ways of working. If you’re interested to learn more about the conference or would like to attend please visit The Conference Board.