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LDS CEO to Discuss Organizational Transformation and Its Impact on the Employee Experience

On June 22nd, LDS CEO Mimi Brooks will lead a session at the 2017 15th Annual Change and Transformation Conference in New York, entitled “Organizational Transformation and the Employee Experience.”

As companies confront the digital age, they are undertaking organizational transformation fueled by established and emerging digital technologies. In the future, workers will partner with their digital counterparts and human work will be defined as those tasks that complement technology or for which technology is not well suited.

In this session, Mimi will discuss organizational transformation through the new calculus of digital, explaining why changes in human behavior are as critical as new technology. Learn how organizations are:

  • Realizing change through digital strategy and organizational design
  • Defining the relationship of business consumers to new work and their new digital counterparts
  • Designing smarter digital employee experiences as machines get smarter still

This session will be attended by an audience of Fortune 500 change leaders, practitioners, and executives responsible for transformation and direction setting – both enterprise-wide and at the business unit level.


About the 15th Annual Change and Transformation Conference

Leveraging human and emotional capital is important for addressing the disruptive digital economy. A strategic response also relies on what companies actually do with the technology, such as building closer relationships with customers, employees, and external talent. At the conference presenters will examine what is needed to build resilient, relevant organizations in a disrupted, digital world.  If you’re interested in learning more about the conference and would like to attend please visit the Conference Board.