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Citi and LDS Win Best in Class Intranet at 2017 IMAs

Citi and LDS have been presented with the 2017 Interactive Media Awards Best in Class – Intranet award for Citi For You, which launched earlier this year. Citi For You is a global digital employee experience that serves 219,000 employees in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition, CFY provides advanced capabilities to 36,000 managers, and enables 4,000 HR and shared services professionals to support the employee population through digital channels.

Citi chose LDS as its strategy and design partner to redesign its existing HR intranet into an engaging “digital front door” into Citi’s large technology ecosystem. To inform the design, LDS conducted detailed ecosystem and constituent analyses and built user personas based on work profiles, demographics, work studies, and knowledge of HR business partners. Based on a comprehensive HR transformation strategy and global process redesign, CFY supports Citi’s growth strategy through these key capabilities:

  • Connecting the landscape of HR digital resources to deliver an easier, more sensible experience for people.
  • Helping people to be more self-sufficient, productive and engaged in HR-related contexts.
  • Getting people to the right digital place, at the right time, thereby leveraging the value of investments made in HR digital resources and helping to keep people “in channel.”
  • Adding critical contexts across HR functional areas, based on people’s needs and behaviors
  • Helping Citi become a more digitally-capable organization, promoting a flatter, more empowered and networked organization through digital transformation.
  • Empowering managers in strategic ways to lead their teams, giving them the power of just-in-time insights, intelligence, guidance and resources, while providing a rational and seamless global digital experience.

Citi For You launched on May 15, 2017 to an enthusiastic reception from users across the organization. In IMA scoring, the experience received 494 out of a possible 500 points from the judges.

Congratulations to the Citi/LDS team for this achievement!