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LDS CEO to Discuss Readying People for the Digital Organization

On February 28th, Logical Design Solutions’ CEO Mimi Brooks will lead a thought-provoking session at the 2018 18th Annual Talent Management Strategies Design Conference in New York City titled Readying People for the Digital Organization.

Readying people to be successful in the emerging digital ecosystem is a critical goal for talent and people leaders. To win in the marketplace, we need to be fully digital in the workplace. This means creating the new organizational capabilities, core ways of working, and specific work designs that realize digitally-driven business strategies and culture.

Put another way, digital itself may be the best channel for workers to experiment, enact, and engage in the new human-digital relationships that will define much of the future of work.

In her presentation, Mimi Brooks will define the tenets of the digital organization and explain how digital is made meaningful and operational in living organizations. She will show how talent is aligned to this model through the creation of digital-first business design and work design. The presentation will conclude with examples of interactive digital experiences that shape worker perspectives and behavior.

Mimi’s last presentation with the Conference Board was in November at the Innovation Master Class and a video of the presentation can be found here:

About the 18th Annual Talent Management Strategies Conference

At this year’s conference participants will learn how leading organizations are preparing for upcoming talent challenges based on the dynamic and changing global workforce. From talent acquisition and succession planning to career development and performance management, it has never been more critical to engage and optimize the workforce by implementing better talent management practices.

Attendees will be able to attend sessions exploring topics such as diversity, digital talent management, and human capital analytics (HCA). Participants will leave with strategic and tactical ideas, which they can adapt and implement within their own organizations in order to “Perform into the Future.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the conference, please visit the Conference Board.