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LDS hosts and sponsors its second successful Disrupt / NNJ Conference!

Logical Design Solutions (LDS) acted as host-sponsor for the second DISRUPT / NNJ on May 10th. Nearly 250 individuals were in attendance for this bi-annual event which carries the banner Future of Work in NJ. DISRUPT is a non-profit international network of meet-ups designed to provide knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, with a focus on innovation, talent, culture and technology.

With 10 speakers, 8 sponsors and 8 “Disruptor” tech start-ups, attendees were treated to a variety of information and opportunities to see and hear about innovative technologies and business and cultural practices. It was a lively and engaging evening with a speaker format that requires each presenter to tell their story in a five-minute presentation. The reason for the “mini-TED Talks” is to provide as much information to the audience as fast as possible. “It’s highly engaging, it’s fun and it’s energetic,” said Ken Kuhl, VP of Client Services for LDS. “It keeps [the speakers] to the point. The purpose is to offer new ideas, make people think differently, and leave them inspired.”

According to Mimi Brooks, CEO of LDS, “DISRUPT / NNJ is uniquely suited to facilitate a provocative information exchange for New Jersey business leaders focused on innovations in human capital, culture, and work design.” Watch a full video of Mimi’s opening remarks at DISRUPT NNJ, Shaping Business in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The speakers at DISRUPT / NNJ (from left to right):

  • Bruce Molloy, Chief AI Officer,
  • Victoria Dower, Director – Strategy, Marketing & Operations, Verizon Smart Communities
  • Wendy Branche, Vice President – Talent Management & Engagement, ITT Corporation
  • Michele Siekerka, President and CEO – New Jersey Business and Industry Association
  • Anna Orgera, Partner, Mercer
  • Jim Mahaney, Vice President – Strategic Initiatives, Prudential
  • Beverly Tarulli, Vice President – Human Capital Strategy & Workforce Analytics, PepsiCo
  • Regina Hourigan, Manager – Innovation at Colgate-Palmolive
  • David Opderbeck, Seton Hall University Professor of Law and Counsel, Gibbons PC
  • Brad Ivie, Managing Director – Business Strategy & Design, Logical Design Solutions

Event Sponsors

Sponsors for this event featured LDS (host sponsor), Mercer County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC), NJBIA, ADP, Ayers Group, IT-Radix, Mercer and Quantum Health.

DISRUPT / NNJ’s next meeting will be in Fall, so keep an eye out for social promotions and your invitation to the next DISRUPT / NNJ.


DISRUPT is a global non-profit meetup platform focused on work and organizations. The aim of this event is to further the dialogue between corporations, professionals, start-ups, and entrepreneurs on the Future of Work in NJ.